Upon finding an episode of Blachman with English subtitles, it’s just become more pathetic than I first believed. It’s not just the repetition of the male gaze; the content of their conversation is exceptionally grim. It’s about affirming the masculinity of the judges, using the naked female body before them to do so.

They talk between themselves, before a silent woman, only looking to her for inspiration to fuel their conversation about “women”, sex and relationships, whilst the camera often slowly pans across her body. They are saying some pretty awful things, and I don’t think the woman even needs to be there. Though the fact that she is just makes the whole thing worse. Here are some excerpts so you don’t have to watch the whole thing:

[man to man]: “It’s alarming to see how much women are in control”

[man to man]:”You are very masculine. Your head sits square on your shoulders. It looks so virile”

[man to man]: “How do you put a woman in her place?”

“It is a woman’s curse”
“The orgasm?”

*Lots of discussion about women’s inability to orgasm*

[directly to woman]: “I like small breasts. Smaller than those. Sorry about that”

[man to woman]: “would you kindly turn around?”
“that’s one yummy butt”
“yes, almost a negro bum”
“it’s a natural butt, not filled up with anything i guess”
“with the traditional tramp stamp”

[man to man]: “should men be better at using language as seduction to save time?”

OK I GAVE UP THERE. I couldn’t watch until the end. It was unbearable listening to old men panting and ogling a naked woman. So, that’s that. What a steaming sexist load of crock.